May 24, 2008

Crazy Go Nuts

That's how I feel the weather has been lately, at least. Of course, I haven't really been around to experience it for the last week, but the last couple of days have been strange. For Arizona, anyway. While we should be having temps nearing or exceeding 100 degrees on a daily basis now, things have been quite different. I think the high temp today was around 65, with rain off and on the whole time. I think Flagstaff even got snow. Not that I'm complaining, of course. It just doesn't feel right. Can anyone say "Global Climate Change"?

Anyway, today feels like a cow near a mountain sort of day, so there's a cow near a mountain for you. I took that picture last weekend when Sonja and I went p-doggin'.

And continuing with the random disconnectednessocity of this post...

So my week in Harpers Ferry went quite well. Got to broadcast my mug all across the park service on Thursday, trying to teach interp-types how to do a ranger-led walk/hike/tour thingy. It was pretty fun, actually. I think we had something like 30 parks watching, including folks from the Everglades, Grand Canyon and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park (yeah, I'd never heard of that one, either). I have the entire four-hour broadcast on DVD now, so if anyone would like to see it, let me know.

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