November 21, 2007


Here's a fun junco picture from this afternoon.

And, to update everyone on Sonja's wellbeing, she is feeling much better this week than she was last. Although, we went to the doctor on Monday and they suspect she has a fractured rib. I guess it's the type of break that won't show up very well on the x-ray, so I don't know if we'll ever really know or not. It would have been cool to have a copy of the x-ray to post up here, too.


Sandra said...

Hey your Juncos look a bit different than ours (out east) I will have to check that out. Do you know if they are different? Could just be an unusual angle I guess. Great shoot anyway.

P. Ollig said...

Most of our Dark-eyed Juncos are of the "Oregon" and "Red-backed" varieties. Occassionally we'll see one of the "grey-headed" forms, and once in a great while a "slate-colored" (the subspecies you are probably most familiar with) will come hopping by. For being a single species, their plumage can be incredibly diverse depending on where you are in North America.