September 24, 2007

Evening Light

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I don't think it got much higher than about 83 degrees...perfect for a nice stroll around the park. Here are a couple of tonights better images as I experiment with how our new camera works in different lighting conditions.

I really like how the light in the background gives this picture a warmer feeling. It took about thirty pictures to get one or two nice ones as I tried different settings to capture the soft light. Really, it was more of me randomly hitting buttons to see what it does to the picture rather than any attempt at learning techniques.

We spotted the remains of a deer along the trail near our house. Not sure how long it's been there, but Sonja doesn't remember seeing it last week. It seems pretty picked over, though, so it can't be that recent. I needed to use the flash on this one in order for the exposure to look good. I'm really surprised at how non-washed out it got, actually. I guess I'm just used to using a flash on a crappy camera.

I can finally take pictures of the moon without it looking like a tiny little blob in the distance. Still need to figure out the exposure and aperature thing, though.

I think Harvey enjoyed the walk.

1 comment:

Steve said...

the ditch pic is nice. still waiting for the fun though. that one of Harvey comes close - but you need to teach him to smile bigger for it to count as a fun picture.