July 29, 2006

Wildflower Explosion

I hiked up the Harding Icefield Trail the other day and experienced what can only be described as an explosion of color from all the wildflowers. It literally takes your breath away. These lupines were just one of the many species that are covering the mountainside. It's, like, totally awesome. Totally.

Sonja and I also recently went to see "An Inconvenient Truth." It is an incredible film. Go see it. It can, and should, change your life. Al Gore is fantastic in how he presents scientific facts in a very understandable and compelling way. I had no idea he was so personable, passionate and charismatic. I cannot stress enough how much everyone in this country should go see this movie. And be sure to sit through all of the credits.

Did I mention how you must see this film?


Anonymous said...

I will definately go see this movie.

Thank you.

Steve Ollig said...

Of course Al is all those things. Would you expect anything less from the guy who invented the internet?

kippur said...

Is he really the one who invented all those long tubes. I hear he worked with that really smart senator from Alaska on that. Or we're they just the one's who installed all the tubes? I hear it's even longer than the pipeline!

(I saw the movie...loved it...now he needs to make one that presents some solutions)

Anonymous said...

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