April 11, 2006

Head Cut Off

Ok, it's official. I'm stressed out. Our seasonal training starts in less than a week and I feel as though i have at least three weeks' worth of work to do to prepare for it. So, I don't know how well I'm going to be able to update this over the next couple of days. I'll at least be able to make a few posts here and there.

And, in case you're wondering how my Wilderness First Responder course went this weekend, I only ended up with some mild blunt force trauma to the head. But it was diagnosed and treated efficiently and effectively by my classmates, and healed amazingly quickly after applying a little soap and water to the injury. The course was held up in Talkeetna, which is just outside of Denali National Park. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy for most of the time I was there, but the mountain did peak out from under the clouds for a few hours when I first arrived.

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